zTools 1.9 available on AMIStore

Date 4-Sep-2015 19:28:23
Topic: software OS4

zTools 1.9, new free update, is now available on AMIStore.

This version contains some enhancements for FastCompress, SysMon, FastNote, FastView, FastHide, WebReplay & aTunes

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-FastCompress 2.9

  * Added a Gauge to indicate the current compression completion %

  * Reworked the interface to be smaller

  * Fix in Port detection

-SysMon 5.2

  * In Locks list, opening (double-click) a locked file will open the containing drawer instead to try to open the file

  * Fixed a bug in PortList tab

  * Fixed a bug in Windows detection

  * [SysMon_USBRecycle]
   Fixed a crash when used with debug kernel

-FastNote 1.5

  * Added : button to Delete a Note

  * Added : button to Add a Note

  * Added : when started once, FastNote will scan all your Notes and start a different instance of FastNote.

  * Added : CLI command to open/create a specific Note by specifying his note number

-FastView v4.2

  * Fixed a window detection problem

  * Fixed a very big width in Preferences window

-FastHide 1.5

  * Fixed a problem in windows detection

-WebReplay 2.4

  * Added Gulli french kids replay website support


  * Fixed Pluzz french website

  * Fixed DailyMotion

-aTunes 3.0

  * Just recompiled with latest SDK

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