AEROS beta 11 available for registered users

Date 5-Sep-2015 17:57:23
Topic: News

AEROS Plus and Premium beta 11 for Raspberry Pi 1 and 2 are available now at the indieGO! Appstore and for registered users at

What is new:
For premium users:
Added Folding@home client to participate in distributed computing. You participate automatically in Team AEROS. (It doesn't launch by default.)
It is planed to honor participations with indieCoins at a later point. Which those again you will be able to use upcoming services and apps on a pay as you go base.

For Plus and Premium Users:
Updated UAE4all with scaling enabled, AROS68K ROM and some demos included.

Also I have added a "reboot" and "PowerOFF" Icons to the top right of Wanderer so you can now comfortable reboot and powerOFF to prevent filesystem errors.

A Public image will follow but it needs a bit more time because I wan't to offer only one image in the future which can be activated to a plus/premium version.

Everyone who got a physical SD-Card with AEROS does not need to upgrade. Except the "PowerOff" and "reset" buttons there is nothing new for you. On request I can image them to you, so you can add it.

Due to german law this image misses also the Quake3 demo data.

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