SCO vs Everyone, Red Hat vs SCO, SCO vs Red Hat, Everyone vs SCO

Date 6-Aug-2003 15:53:48
Topic: News

The lawyers have been kept busy the last few days. Following the continuing blather eminating from SCO (NB. whatever merits their original case may have had have largely been overwhelmed by the claims that they own everything, Linux would be nothing without 'stolen code' etc), Red Hat have decided to make a stand and have filed a complaint.

The purpose of this complaint is to demonstrate that Red Hat's technologies do not infringe any intellectual property of SCO and to hold SCO accountable for its unfair and deceptive actions.

"We filed this complaint to stop SCO from making unsubstantiated and untrue public statements attacking Red Hat Linux and the integrity of the Open Source software development process," said Mark Webbink, General Counsel at Red Hat. "Red Hat is confident that its current and future customers will continue to realize the significant value that our Red Hat Linux platform provides without interruption."

The company has also set up a legal fund to help other Linux developers fight any legal actions that arise out of the current SCO situation.

SCO responded by holding a press conference, intimating that Red Hat may be countersued, and outlining the idea of charging a huge licence fee for using Linux. No doubt Microsoft will be their first customers."

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