New version (0.972) of ShowFiles (sf) released

Date 9-Sep-2015 17:37:16
Topic: software OS4

DIR/LIST command - displays a sorted and text-formatted list.


Version 0.972: (Sep 2015)
- Compiled with latest SDK version 53.29.
- Fixed case sensitive issue with pattern matching. (thanks Guillaume (zzd10h) for reporting)
- Fixed a rare condition where header whould not print correctly.
- UseCount removed from output, DOS structure no longer support it.
Version 0.971: (Jul 2015)
- Fixed bug, pattern matching in current dir failed.
Version 0.970: (Jul 2015)
- Pattern matching implemented.
- Fixed bug, header background color sometimes smearing to next line.
- Fixed issue with template and option/command-info-format, a few working
commands/options were missing in the printed output.
- Fixed APP-string/name, leftover garbage ("DEBUG") removed from the string.
- Included output of the EXTVER-tag to the version/help output.

What is ShowFiles aka sf

ShowFiles (sf) is yet another DIR command (written in C). It displays a sorted
and text-formatted list of files, drawers (dirs) and soft/hard-links on disk or
other storage medium. It will also display their additional information such as
size, date, possible comment, executable header type (68k or PPC program),
protection-bits, etc, etc.

It supports a number of different options/switches, after installation in the
Shell, please type "sf HELP" (or "sf --help") for listing all options/switches.
Or look in the .doc-file in the archive.


Download: ShowFiles (sf) on
Homepage: ShowFiles (sf) on homepage

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