30 Jahre Amiga Event in Neuss

Date 28-Sep-2015 22:47:19
Topic: Events

After these great shows in Amsterdam, Mountain View and Peterborough another big one takes place at the "Rheinisches Landestheater" in Neuss, Germany!

We would love to share the list of exhibitors and guests attending the (perhaps) last 30years Amiga birthday party this year on 10th october 2015 here:

• Michael Battilana (Cloanto)
• Trevor Dickinson (A-EON)
• Dino Dini (Kick Off)
• Frank Geisler (Commodore Germany)
• Karina Hδrtel (Commodore Germany)
• Dave Haynie (Commodore International)
• Chris Hόlsbeck (Musician)
• Dr. Peter Kittel (Commodore Germany)
• Richard Lφwenstein (Amiga Joker)
• RJ Mical (Commodore International)
• Ron Nicholson (Commodore International)
• David Pleasance (Commodore UK)
• Colin Proudfoot (Commodore UK)
• Martin Stanscheit (Commodore Germany)
• Olaf Barthel (AmigaOS)
• Till Harbaum (MiST)
• Petro Tyschtschenko (Commodore Germany)
• Jφrg Kampers (Commodore Germany)
• Ralph Conway (Commodore Germany)

• ACube Systems SRL
• A-Eon Technology Ltd
• Alinea Computer
• Amedia Computer
• Amiga Forum
• AmigaTec
• Amikit
• Amistore.de
• Ares Computer
• Blue Metal Rose
• Cherry Darling
• Cinemaware
• Cloanto Italia Srl
• Dennis van der Boon (Sonnet Amiga)
• Factor 5
• Funstock Ltd
• HunoPPC – Hugues Nouvel
• Hyperion Entertainment
• individual Computers Jens Schφnfeld GmbH
• KryoFlux / SPS
• Marcus Computer
• MorphOS-Team
• Museum of Electronic Games & Art
• 010101 Music
• Return Magazin
• Virtual Dimension

The opening times are from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Our goal is to present current developments from the Amiga world and to have some (or a little bit more) nostalgia, invite former Commodore employees, hold lectures and presentations and create a pleasant atmosphere - that is finally what a birthday party should be like.

No matter whether you use MorphOS, AROS, OS4, Classic or emulation – in our mind all of them belong to the Amiga family and are mostly welcome.

Beside this lineup there will be a raffle, the presentation of a special edition of Viva Amiga at the Hitch cinema on Saturday evening (11 p.m.).

Of course we will also provide you with a wide range of drinks and food.

Tickets are still available for 15,- Euro at Eventbrite (https://www.eventbrite.de/e/amiga-30-jahre-event-germany-tickets-16827189577) and include a full version of Amiga Forever sponsored by Cloanto!

As you can see, this is one of the biggest Amiga shows since years and we would love to meet you there!

If you have any questions just send us an email to info@amiga30.de or have a look at our website www.amiga30.de

Don't miss this show - see you in Neuss!


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