Scratch off cards for the indieGO!-Appstore available now

Date 29-Sep-2015 22:41:26
Topic: Announcement


since today you can buy indieCoins (the credits used in the indieGO!-Appstore) in form of scratch off cards.

Only 1500coin cards are available because this is a good compromise between costs and app prices.

Stuff like G.E.M.Z, or Theme Tunes for 10 Games Never Made (which costs 2.90 less than on iTunes ; )) and AmiCloud (not yet but soon) are priced 500coins.

Of course it may happen that apps will cost less or something like 270coins or 799.. so there will remain a rest. This rest can be donated to developers or just kept until you buy or get new coins.

In 2016 we will offer you a way to earn interest on your credits so they will not just take digital rust.

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