AmiCloud (beta) for AmigaOS

Date 13-Oct-2015 0:51:04
Topic: Announcement

AmiCloud beta is available in the indieGO! AppStore for 500indieCoins.
The beta includes acces to your user-bound cloud storage (1gb during beta).
You can sync files inside a folder of your choice. You are free, if you bought once, to install it on as many os4 machines as you like.
You can also share your files individually via a public link with the world.

Important note:
Please read the readme. Especially if you wan't to close the log-window
Please report any bug asap. For now I will grant only a limited number of users access. As soon the limit has been reached it will not be available anymore from the store until end of beta.

Every lucky person being part of beta users will get a bonus after it. Double space than non beta users.

We have tested it (it is beta3 already) and with luck it will just work as it should.(so far we have got no negative Report, so we will release the next Version for other platforms soon).

Because some people struggle to understand the App Store here is a short how to buy it : )

Important to understand is that the downloads are not downloaded inside the App Store client but in an extra app called DLM (download manager)
This app "should" start after logIN. If it doesn't start, than run the dlm app manually.

When you click "download" inside the App Store client, it will change to "downloading". Than check the DLM. Your downloads will be added to the queue.

During download you can click inside the App Store on close and check other apps.

If you close the App Store it will ask if the DLM should stay open or if it should be closed as well.

more Infos at

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