Coyote Flux website update

Date 7-Aug-2003 13:49:34
Topic: Announcement

It has been a long while since the last update, but finally a list of new screenshots and programs have been added to the website.

  • Two more screenshots of J Miner, displaying the new render algorithms
  • Eight screenshots of Manic Miner, a PPC plugin for AmigaAMP and PlaySID
  • New PlaySID.library for CatWeasel Flipper cards, supporting channel enabling/disabling on both the hard- and software side
  • Preview of PPC680x0 v2.0, displaying automatic file conversion

Coyote Flux first made a name for themselves when they released their first 68KAsm -> PPC asm program. Since then they have been beavering away on several projects, J-Miner consuming most of their development time. For all the updates and screenshots of their current projects, visit their Website.

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