Call for Amiga Developers from A-EON Technology

Date 25-Oct-2015 20:30:50
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Call for Amiga Developers
Kickstarting PowerPC and 68k software development

Sacramento 17th October 2015

As part of our ongoing commitment to deliver quality software content for both PowerPC and 68K Amiga systems A-EON Technology Ltd is pleased announce a new initiative for Amiga software developers.

In the past year we launched the AMIStore app store which has been enthusiastically supported by both Amiga developers and users.

AMIStore performance update:

44 software titles
Customer base ~700
Over 2200 paid transactions

..and growing month on month

We have also purchased many Classic and Next-Generation AmigaOS titles as well as funding the development of several new applications and utilities. As part of this drive to improve the amount and quality of Amiga software we have created a dedicated SVN resource for all developers working on our applications. We have also implemented a Mantis bug tracker together with a developer mailing list and Wiki to aid software development. We now have 14 developers engaged in paid development work on 23 software projects. However, we are keen to expand and accelerate our software development effort to create new applications and utilities for the PowerPC and 68k platforms.

Call for Amiga Developers
We are looking for experienced Amiga developers to work on our existing applications and create new content for both the 68k and PowerPC platforms. If you are an existing or former Amiga developer and want to help create new software applications for the 68k or PowerPC platform please visit:

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