zTools 2.1 available on AMIStore

Date 1-Nov-2015 14:26:05
Topic: software OS4

zTools 2.1, new free little update, is now available on AMIStore.

This version contains some enhancements for FastView, FastNote, WebReplay, LittleBrother, CPUDock, RAMDock, GFXDock, NetDock.

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-FastView 4.4

* Added : Thumbnails pictures are now created in a separate process that can be interrupted

* Fixed : bug during creation of miniatures drawer if inexistant.

-FastNote 1.7

* Fixed : Removed "Close by Esc" setting to conform to MUI principles
(Thanks, Thore, for the advice).
Now, hitting "Esc" key will display a Close requester window.
It solves potential problem with FlushMUI.

-WebReplay 2.6

* Fixed : DailyMotion website support

-LittleBrother 51.8
-CPUDock 50.9
-RAMDock 50.7
-GFXDock 50.8
-NetDock 52.0

* Fixed : Compiled with latest FE SDK keeping 4.1.6 compatibility

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