Introducing Tabor and the A1222

Date 1-Nov-2015 22:11:46
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Introducing Tabor and the A1222
A powerful, low cost, entry level PowerPC motherboard

San Francisco 19th October 2015

A-EON Technology Ltd is pleased to announce that Tabor, a new powerful, low cost, entry level PowerPC motherboard, which forms part of our A1200 series, is about to undergo beta testing.

As part of our drive to create more powerful lower cost, entry level hardware and expand the Next-Generation user base we commissioned Ultra Varisys to create a new PowerPC motherboard. The result is Tabor, a 170 mm x 170 mm mother-board based on a Freescale QorIQ P1022 32-bit e500v2 dual-core PowerPC processor running at 1.2 GHz. Prototypes have already been shipped to key developers and members of A-EON Technology’s Core Linux support team and, as a result, several Linux distributions are already up and running on the Tabor board. Working in cooperation with ACube srl, a beta test programme is about to commence, which is already over-subscribed.

The full system is designated the AmigaOne A1222.

Tabor specifications*
(Subject to change without notice)

PowerPC CPU: Freescale QorIQ P1022, 1.2GHz, 32-bit, e500V2, dual-core
• 1x CPU fan + heatsink
• 2x fan ports

• 64 bit interface
• 400Mhz
• Support up to 8GB RAM

RS232 Serial
• 1x RS232 including flow control
• Level shifting from TTL UART serial levels to RS232 levels
• Maximum baud rate of 230,400

• 2x SATA 2.6 compliant controllers

• 2x External & 2x Internal USB port

• 1x RGMII ethernet PHYs each providing Gbit ethernet

• x4 PCIe gen 1 link allows data rates of 2.5Gb/s per lane
• x16 PCIe connector to support RadeonHD graphics cards

• Audio CODEC generating stereo audio out from I2S digital audio

HDMI LCD Interface
• 24 bit colour depth
• Support for resolution up to 1280x1024
• HDMI 1.3 support

• Support for user GPIOs

Micro SD
• Micro SD card for ROM - later possibility of running the whole system from the microSD card

WCU Prog

LED ports for Power, CPU, HDD

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