Alchimie 0xb is starting !

Date 14-Nov-2015 23:39:33
Topic: Events

The biggest Amiga French speaking event is now starting ! During three days the Alchimie, organized by the Triple A, will gather around 180 people in Tain l'Hermitage's Espace Rochegude. Even if the Alchimie is mainly aimed at the Amiga world (and by extension the 30th anniversary of our beloved platform), it will also be possible to discover many other systems such as Haiku (being ported on Sam460), Atari (and the new FireBee), Amstrad, Apple, Linux and so on... And if you want to discover robotics, Alchimie will be a great place for this too !

Thanks to many French clubs, retrogaming is not forgotten and this will be the occasion to test old systems and many arcade machines brought by them.

Regarding specifically the Amiga, Relec will bring an AmigaOne X5000 and a Tabor motherboard so that everyone will be able to see these promising A-Eon's new systems for real ! MorphOS will also be demoed on the X5000.

Along with Relec, Amedia Computer will be there to sell some cool Classic hardware for everyone ! This year, since no news regarding AmigaOS 4.1 has been announced, a conference demonstrating the capabilities of the AmigaOne X1000 in many domains (video, gaming, sound, etc...) will be given by K-L on saturday. Other conferences will be given around MorphOS during which the WarmUP Association will introduce the new Chrysalis Pack, and another one during which Frank Mariak (core MorphOS developper) and Cristoph Poelzl (RMS Communications) will introduce for the first time an updated version of PageStream running on MorphOS !

Let's not forget the promising conference from Huno with great new projects (and an all new Final Burn Alpha version) ! Webcams will be online during all the event.

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