AmiCloud feature updates

Date 18-Nov-2015 2:28:07
Topic: Announcement


our Cloud-storage service "AmiCloud" has been updated a bit.

While we are busy with a lot of stuff (things like producing goods for Santa) we added two new features to AmiCloud. Those things are server side changes so you don't need to download a new client (anyway a newer client is still underway.. we are under pressure : ) )

What is new:
1. You can now "embed" shared pictures in websites and forums
2. Publicly shared files have now the same filename as on your hard drive.
Filenameonharddrive.pdf became 010173ujshdkshdskalhf00337.pdf

Filenameonharddrive.pdf is also Filenameonharddrive.pdf if downloaded from a public URL.

Besides this we raised the storage to 1.5GB and will raise it to 2GB in December.
Bad news:
The price of 5 will be raised to 10 for the basic version.

In the early days of 2016 we will introduce the pro accounts which cost 50/year.. detailed conditions will follow when it is ready.

A video of it running in AROS Broadway preview 4 (Virtualbox) can be found here:

More infos on the Facebook page

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