AROS: FUSE Filesystem Bounty Completed

Date 22-Nov-2015 23:44:50
Topic: software AROS

The bounty to deliver a working implementation of FUSE Filesystem support and NTFS filesystem driver for AROS i386 has been completed by Fredrik Wikstrom.

At this time, the FUSE Filesystem is not integrated with AROS builds and can be downloaded from

The instructions on how to install and use FUSE can be found in the following AROS-Exec thread

Please note that currently there is no support for automounting, however the proper mount list can be generated using HDToolBox as described in the AROS-Exec thread.

For more information on the bounty itself, please visit Power2People bounty page:

There are also other AROS bounties that are in development and the ALSA audio driver bounty is now in testing phase, see AROS-Exec thread

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