The Secret of Middle City now available on AMIStore

Date 23-Nov-2015 20:54:38
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The Secret of Middle City now available on AMIStore
An intriguing and seducing point & click role playing adventure game

Cardiff 22nd November 2015

We are pleased to announce that we have signed a non-exclusive worldwide license to
promote, distribute and market The Secret of Middle City (TSMC) video game with its
creator Stefano Buonocore for AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS. The publishing rights include electronic distribution via AMIStore and/or physical media.

TSMC is a addictive point-and-click role-playing graphical adventure that was inspired by
gaming classics like Monkey Island and Broken Sword with a Twin Peaks parody thrown in for good measure. The game takes place in the fictional Northwest American mountain town of Middle City which sees the goofy and clumsy Federal Agent Cox striving to solve the disappearance and apparent murder of a beautiful high school student, Linda Patton, whose arm was found on the river bank near Middle City.
Taking the role of the faltering detective you must decipher the mysteries and many false leads in order to solve this weird and puzzling case of presumed homicide. As the story unfolds you will interact with over 60 characters and explore the town of Middle City and its surrounding woods and mountains in order to shed light on the girl's disappearance. However, be warned nothing in Middle City is quite as it seems. A quirky combination of secret societies, aliens, weird animals, beautiful girls and tyrannical characters will guide you through 50 game locations and hopefully help you finally solve the case.

The main game features include:

* Northwest USA location sprinkled with Italian humour and style.
* Excellent music & sound effects combined with stunning graphics for a truly immersive gaming experience.
* 50 locations and over 60 characters to interact with!
* Completely hand drawn and pastel coloured interlude cut-scenes.

We asked Stefano and his co-developers to comment on their TSMC Amiga game port. Stefano said we attempted to create a "point-and-click adventure full of humour, mystery and ready for the platform of wonders, the Amiga!" Gianluca Girelli added, "Making a game for the Amiga: the dream has finally come true!" While Davide Palombo simply stated, "Agent Cox is my hero!!"

TSMC comes with English, Italian and French subtitles. Although the game contain some adult themes the content is generally suitable for all ages 13 years and up.

Game Design: DreamsArtStudio
Game Developer: GDG Entertainment

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