Updated AmiCloud client for all systems available

Date 5-Dec-2015 3:45:38
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The new AmiCloud client is now available for MorphOS, AROS, AmigaOS 3/4, Windows, Linux (PPC/i386) and OSX (i386/ppc)

A big thank you to tommysammy for proving images and icons for OS4 version.

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Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v88ohX8wyKI
Website: http://www.amicloud.de/

::: CHANGELOG (Beta 03b) :::
[ AmiCloud Client ]
- Added AmiCloud banner

[ AmiCloud manager ]
- Enhanced the way the debug output is delivered and activated, now you can configure
the debug output editing the files:
- appdata/debug_acm.txt
- appdata/debug_amicloud.txt
These files are plain text files with lot of comments and descriptions to explain
each available options.
- Taken into account the server answer time to compesate timing errors and avoiding
unecessary synchronizations. These problems was noticed on very slow Internet
connections and/or when Internet bandwidth was used by other applications.
- Ignored (from synchornization) files starting with a dot (.) to avoid unwanted
synchronization of hidden/system files. This was mainly needed for Linux and MacOSX
host systems.
- Basic storage is now 2GB for beta testers

With AmiCloud you get 2GB web storage which can be used to share files with friends, embed files in websites or pictures like the one above in Forums.
Also you can easily sync files on your computers (smartphones will follow).

AROS i386 (10)
AmigaOS3 (with RTG) (10)
AmigaOS4 (10)
Windows (10)
Linux i386 (5)
Linux PPC (5)
OSX Intel (5)
MorphOS (10)

Because of the fact that we released some versions with a delay, those will be sold the next 14days for 5. After this period we will raise the price to 10 for all versions.
The beta period will go until february.. every beta user will later get twice the storage of what the basic account will offer.
So if i is 2GB, you will get 4GB and so on.

If you are interested in the AROS version you could keep an eye on the AROS Broadway USB-Stick which contains also AmiCloud :

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