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Date 13-Dec-2015 12:19:48
Topic: Announcement

Hi all Amigans.
My scene and IRC nick is alef, my name is Tommy Strand
and I am Norwegian.

I know there are a lot of people out there helping other Amigans.
We need help.

"We" are some Amigans running the Amiga fanzines Amigaguiden (Norwegian, abbreviated AG) and #AMiGA! Guide Magazine (English, abbreviated #AG?).

For free downloadable PDF files of the previous mags, visit the download links, respectively Norwegian issue PDF file for Amigaguiden, and English issue PDF file for #AMiGA! Guide Magazine.

We need help for:
1) Making and translating articles and stuff into English.
2) Making and translating articles and stuff into Norwegian.
3) Having internal contact with all of the rest at IRC;
preferred IRC channel is #AMiGA! at EFnet.
4) Making an interesting hobby even more interesting for all of us
5) Developing our web sites
6) Selling ads for the fanzines
7) All this includes times of fun and quite a few laughs as well (IRC is a chat medium that is pretty much considered dead, but you will be surprised how good this is still today)
The internal contact over IRC makes it possible that we internally shares our work at several points before the products are finished,

Important point: We use PageStream DTP Program running on AmigaOS for making these fanzines, so quality is not at any pro level. I think personally that making these fanzines with an Amiga is one of the things that makes me wanna go on.

So, what more?
Yes, please join #AMiGA! at EFnet
We will talk there

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