indieGO! retro console on Kickstarter

Date 20-Dec-2015 23:14:05
Topic: Announcement


we are right now on Kickstarter to fund a initial batch of the indieGO!

The indieGO! console is mainly targeted at retro gamers and Amigans.
The OS itself is basically AEROS Premium with the difference that it boots straight into EmulationStation. From there you can control everything with a Joypad.

What makes it unique against other Raspberry Pi based console projects is:
  • You can choose between Raspberry Pi2 or Odroid-C1 and Odroid Xu4
  • a DVD-ROM to play original CD-based console games
  • a AppStore (you can use Pi-store or indieGO! apostle to get more stuff
  • cloud storage (powered by AmiCloud
  • A desktop-mode (AEROS
  • i386 Wrapper which costs up to 30$ on other platforms for free

We have also 1,2,3 or more goodies during the campaign:
The first one:
Everyone who backs us with at east 25€ will get Jim Power in Mutant Planet plus Patrick Nevian's piano rendition of the Chris Hülsbeck Title theme especially made for us. -> check the campaign description to listen to a snippet.

The second one:
Exagear desktop included for free (

The third one:
Is a limited Amiga Racer USB-Stick

The forth one will be the limited AROS Broadway USB-Stick which contains also AEROS for all Platforms, the game G.E.M.Z and EmuLA the emulator launcher and more...

The fifth one will be more Amiga-Games from the past
Stay tuned.. still over 50 days to fill with input.

The campaign will allow us to produce a small batch and hopefully continue to let the user base grow steady. It will also help us to finance our AROS and AmigaOS productions like EmuLA and others which are secret for now

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