I wish you a Merry Christmas

Date 24-Dec-2015 19:17:12
Topic: Amigaworld.net News

As a small gift from us we raise the AmiCloud storage from 2 to 2.5GB
A nice review of amicloud can be found here (mentioned problems are fixed now)

Fabio has made a sort of How-to and function description:

Also you can get AEROS Plus in the indieGO!-store for only 500credits
indieCoins are available from www.ares-shop.de or in a automatic but due to paypall slightly delayed service (can take 30minutes until you get the code):
http://www.indiego.rocks/buy -> we haven't translated it yet..so you get a german invoice with a button "bezahlen" which means "pay now" .. It is on our todo-list to translate it into english.

If you like to upgrade from plus to premium, you can get it for the Raspberry Pi2 for 13.95. This is also valid for those who got AEROS Plus by donating to power2people.org.

After christmas but still in this year I will release a small AEROS update which includes sound for AROS binaries (so far only linux apps had sound).

Also I will announce the last results of the indieGO! Developer bonus program for 2015.

Over the christmas days we may be slow or totally silent via email..
We wish you a Merry Christmas and some peaceful days with your families and friends.

don't stress ; ) The discounts are not limited to the christmas time.

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