Workbench CANDI New Year Count Down Theme

Date 28-Dec-2015 21:24:25
Topic: software OS4

Workbench CANDI New Year Count Down Theme
Animated Workbench Backdrops

A-EON Technology Ltd is pleased to announce that Workbench CANDI has now been updated and is available to download immediately from AMIStore App Store. Once again we are delighted to confirm that this New Year theme is free of charge to all customers that have previously purchased CANDI from AMIStore. The update can be downloaded from the "My Purchases and Downloads" section in AMIStore. Any new customers who want to purchase the Workbench CANDI package can now do so from the AMIStore App Store client and they will also receive the latest version with the new Christmas theme included.

Once again, our special thanks go to Entwickler-X team who have again done some great work in producing this update for A-EON and existing CANDI users.

The new animated New Year theme is added to the collection of many other themes already included in CANDI. We hope you enjoy the fireworks on your Workbench on New Years Day!

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