LoView 2.91 Released!

Date 2-Jan-2016 10:45:18
Topic: Amigaworld.net News

A little news version of LoView was released on OS4Dpepot.
The new version have only 2 (minor) changes look at the changelog:

30.12.2015 v2.91 - Fixed a bug that prevent to choose the second function of the buttons with 2 functions on LoView, added a
Ringhio notification(OS4 only) while LoViewThumb have finished to load the selected thumbs.

the AROS and MOS version will be released ASAP on AmiNET(feel free to upload it anywhere for better support on that OSes)

The 68k and PUP/WOS versions wasnt planned anymore...
If anyone(maybe related to WinUAE 68k usage) was interested tell me and I probably compile it...

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