Tanks Furry - a new classic Amiga game announced

Date 7-Jan-2016 17:27:12
Topic: Amigaworld.net News

R3D Project team has announced it's new arcade shooter for classic Amigas - Tanks Furry. The previev betaversion could be seen during Retrokomp 2015 event in Gdansk (Poland) while a video teaser of current version (prepared by Pixel Nation) can be found here. The game offers over 40 missions in various sceneries and several game modes for up to 4 players simultaneously. The requirements are: Any Amiga with 020+ CPU and a 1 MB of CHIP RAM. The game will be available in February 2016 and is going to be free to download, although a boxed copy containing a CD, manual and extras (like stickers for floppy disk) will be available too.

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