AMIcast Episode 9 - Museum of the history of computers and computing and polish

Date 22-Jan-2016 15:38:13
Topic: Announcement

Welcome to 9th episode of AMIcast. This time my guest is Tomasz Marcinkowski. He is involved in polish community: one of the guys behind biggest polish Amiga website: and Museum of the history of computers and computing.
We also comment to the source code of AmigaOS 3.1, source code of Odyssey on the Aminet. We talk about colaboration bettwen diffrent camps - to bring new software for any Amiga flavor. We mention the new hardware - Vampire II and Tabor.

The episode has a background music from VjDominion and at the end great song from Moby, from his new album: Double Kick Heroes (Ludum Dare #34) - Destroy And Race And Groove.

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