Introducing Projekt Lila - a new game for class(y)ic Amigas and the indieGO!

Date 22-Jan-2016 15:37:55
Topic: News

I am glad to announce a new joint-venture which will help to speed up development of my game project for Amiga and indieGO! called:

プロジェクト:パープル / Projekt: Lila (german, Lila is pronounced like Leela in futurama and it means: "project: purple")

The game will mix the gameplay of Mega Man with the atmosphere from Einhänder (PSX). This means you will hear german voice over and boss enemies will talking to you in german as well. Yeah I am a fan of Einhänder : )

Textes and story will be in english.

For the music we use an Amiga MOD's soundtrack which has been especially made for this game. Amiworx made them based on their Blue Metal Rose Album songs using voice samples which results in a CD-like soundtrack playable on 020 Amigas.

To speed up development and make sure that the game will be ready in 2016 we, Ares Computer and Amiworx, teamed up.

The teaser (check Kickstarter update #29 ) will show you the 8-Bit graphic style and gives you an idea of the Soundtrack. Yes this is Sound from the game made with an Amiga.


We have added a new reward (this game) to the campaign and we will add Projekt: Lila to the upcoming new console bundle. The game will be released physically printed on CDROM and will work on PC/MAC, Amiga (68020, 2MB RAM, and 68030 as extended version) and indieGO!).

If you like to get the game to your console-bundle, just add 25€. The normal retail price will be 29,90€. So you save 5€ + shipping.

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