Former Commodore UK Bosses David Pleasance and Colin Proudfoot Join FriendUP

Date 3-Feb-2016 21:42:00
Topic: News

The two former joint managing directors of Commodore UK have joined the new Amiga-inspired FriendUP platform.

After first meeting the Friend team at Amiga 30 in Amsterdam, both have been very impressed with the project and agreed to join as senior managers in the company. Colin is now CFO, with David becoming Director of International Sales and Marketing.

David and Colin were once the favourites to purchase the entire Amiga technology, after the downfall of Commodore in 1994. 21 years later, this is the first time the pair have worked together since Commodore.

FriendUP is a next generation web application technology for connecting users and developers to resources in a unifying way. The first product is an open source application called the Friend Unifying Platform, and takes many design decisions and concepts from the Amiga OS.

David Pleasance and Colin Proudfoot have recorded an interview with Dan Wood on Youtube, to explain why they wanted to be involved.

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