More indieGO! Games which will work also on Amiga Computers

Date 11-Feb-2016 20:28:31
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we are glad to announce 2 more in-house productions for Amiga's and the indieGO!.

Next to Projekt Lila watch teaser here , we will release two more action games on CDROM (limited batch) and for download.

Oh no! More Aliens and Dudes On Fire teaser can be found here:

Details will follow soon but you can save a bit money if you pledge for the kickstarter campaign (1$ is enough to get access to the Backerkit page straight after the campaign ended).

Console backers will get also a soundtrack CD for free which includes the licensed Music used in-game.

Besides those new creations, we will also release 3 games on indieGO! CDROM (which contains also executables for AROS, AmigaOS4.x and morphOS) from Piko Interaktive.

Legends (check this link for a preview)

Iron Commando (check this link for a preview)

Brave Battle Saga (check this link for a preview)

All games will be also available for Download in the indieGO! Appstore.

The App Store itself will be updated soon for desktop systems as well.
Besides being faster and more completed it will also feature joypad support.
We started also with work regarding a platform spanning chat system which will allow gamers to chat with others and will be also part of AmiCloud so you can use it to share data and more.

Developers which "could" imagine to release something at any point should use 2016 to register as developers because for know the developers fee (the cut taken from sales) is set to 15%. This will jump to 30% for any registration in 2017.

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