ShowFiles (sf) updated to 0.981

Date 11-Feb-2016 20:29:49
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ShowFiles (sf) - 0.981

Download here: ShowFiles (sf)


Version 0.981: (Feb 2016)
- Fixed "sometimes missing footer" (appeared in the wrong color). Thanks Guillaume (zzd10h) for reporting.
- Fixed wrong colors in comments when black Shell. Thanks Guillaume (zzd10h) for reporting. (PS: Option for omitting comments already on TODO-list.)
- Fixed issue, "A block of text appeared in the wrong place in the readme".
- Fixed a few missing commands in the Template output in help and in manual.

Version 0.980: (Feb 2016)
- Added MOST aka -M option, same as CLARIFY and -c, but easier to remember.
- Added SETBLACKBG command for setting the background color to black (pen 1), when using a Shell with black background.
- Added SETNORMALBG command for setting the background color to normal (grey, pen 0), when using a Shell with normal/grey background.
- Added PRINTENV command for printing out the ShowFiles (sf) environment/ configuration variables.
- The option REALDATE is now deprecated, please use REALDATES instead.
- Included all error codes and their meaning to the manual.
- A number of typos fixed in readme.

Version 0.972: (Sep 2015)
- Compiled with latest SDK version 53.29.
- Fixed case sensitive issue with pattern matching. (thanks Guillaume (zzd10h) for reporting)
- Fixed a rare condition where header whould not render correctly.
- UseCount removed from output, DOS structure no longer support it.

What is ShowFiles (sf):

DIR/LIST command - displays a sorted and text-formatted list.

ShowFiles (sf) is yet another DIR command (written in C). It displays a sorted
and text-formatted list of files, drawers (dirs) and soft/hard-links on disk or
other storage medium. It will also display their additional information such as
size, date, possible comment, executable header type (68k or PPC program),
protection-bits, etc, etc.

It supports a number of different options/switches, after installation in the
Shell, please type "sf HELP" (or "sf --help") for listing all options/switches.
Or look in the .doc-file in the archive.

Download here: ShowFiles (sf)

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