NetSurf 3.4 released!

Date 23-Feb-2016 21:49:48
Topic: Software News

NetSurf is a small, fast CSS capable web browser for AmigaOS and other platforms.

NetSurf 3.4 features many optimisations to improve performance over previous releases. It also contains many bug fixes, including improvements to page layout. This is also the first release to contain the Duktape JavaScript engine. While our JavaScript bindings have seen a lot of development for this release, JavaScript remains disabled by default as the support is incomplete. We recommend all users upgrade to NetSurf 3.4.

*** Download (AmigaOS 4) ***

Additionally I have released a beta version of an AmigaOS 3.5+ build based on the AmigaOS 4 native frontend. I need help to improve this. Download (AmigaOS 3.5/9)

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