Huenison on Steam - good news also for Amigans!

Date 26-Feb-2016 19:40:10
Topic: software OS4

Today Huenison lands on Steam, and this is good news also for AmigaOS 4 users because:
* buying the game on Steam gives also access to the AmigaOS 4 version as a freely downloadable DLC;
* who bought the AmigaOS version already has been given a free Steam key (RGCD customers have received the key by email; AmiStore customers can get their key directly from AmiStore);
* the game has been enhanced further since its original release, and now benefits from the improvements listed below;
* for a whole week the game can be purchased with a whopping launch discount of 20%!

* Added ALL LEVELS bonus.
* Added 5x CRT dots mode.
* Added screenshot feature (press [PRINT] to take screenshots).
* Gave Huenison's face a different color at each interlude.

* Reworked video initialization:
* allowed running in window on 16-bit screens;
* worked around libSDL 1.2.13 bugs on AmigaOS;
* handled case of no resolutions returned by SDL_ListModes().
* Worked on disturbances upon level completion:
* fixed disappearing of BADLINES;
* ensured that disturbances are never generated again after being disabled.
* Activated BADLINES sound effect in FACE-OFF level.
* Added fixed channel for speech to avoid it being interrupted.
* Fixed surface leak in wiper cleanup.
* Changed timing check of intro, so that, even if auto-pause kicks in, still the menu becomes active as soon as the speech ends.

* Moved RESTORE bonus notification to when it is achieved.
* Moved hiscores saving to after player name is entered for more robustness.
* Re-rendered final speech sample with two additional laughs.
* Made audio halt immediately when pause is entered.
* Redesigned icons.
* Updated/improved notices/instructions/manual.
* Made a minor optimization in menu.
* Made other minor changes.

Who plays the game on Steam will not only experience the excitement of the game itself, but will also be able to collect:
* 14 achievements;
* 5 trading cards;
* 6 badges;
* 5 emoticons;
* 3 backgrounds.

Check out the store page on Steam
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