AmiCloud beta 5 available now for all Amigans

Date 6-Mar-2016 14:27:01
Topic: Software News

Tadaa... AmiCloud offers no more than twice the basic storage of Dropbox : )
If you use it already, please close and restart AmiCloud to get your extra storage.

::: CHANGELOG (BETA 05 - 02/03/2016)
- [FIX] Fixed a severe bug on Windows clients that was not allowing anymore to upload files after some changes on cloud server.
This is the bug that was talking about Bugala and Tarzin, tested on Windows, all right now.

- [FIX] Fixed a bug on Linux that was preventing the automatic execution of the ACManager helper program.
If you remember there was the problem launching the ACManager because I was (wrongly) omitting the prefix ./ to execute the ACManager, now it works, I've tested it on Linux Mint 17 (VirtualBox).

- [FIX] The client can be iconified/reduced to icon.
Someone was complaining about the iconify gadget not present on the Amiga-like systems, in this build I've explicity set this gadget but on AROS it does not show, I suspect that if the window size is fixed (like for the AmiCloud main window) for some reason the iconify gadget disappear, i need to investigate further. Anyway the option to start the program iconified works, but once de-iconified it cannot be iconified back because of the missing gadget. If I cannot find a solution I will add a gadget in the interface to iconify the program. On linux & windows works without problems.

- [NEW] Upload buffer and download buffer sizes can now be customized
Since everyone have different Internet speed I've added the possibility to tweak the download and upload buffer sizes, it can be done from the preferences window.

- [NEW] Polling interval can now be customized
Again, from the preferences window the user can change the polling frequency. The default value is 20 seconds, There is no limit for the higher value so people can decide to check for updates every 30 minutes, for example, setting this value in seconds -> 30*60 = 1800 seconds. The lower limit is 5 seconds to do not poll to much our server, if needed I can raise this value.

- [NEW] Monocore system-friendly mode can be used on single-core systems
There is another option in the configuration window, setting this flag the file list elaboration is less CPU intensive because for every loop the program will friendly-wait for 3 milliseconds, this value is hardcoded but since I've no way to test it I need you to check if this work on AmigaOS4 :) On AROS there is no lag with or without this flag, but it's because the processor speed of my host machine.

AmiCloud's Pro accounts will be made available during this month.
At first Pro Users will get 25GB storage without a traffic limit (also you get access to all clients)
On top you get access to the latest AEROS for Pi and Odroid builds as well as a 15 voucher every 12 month usable in the indieGO! Appstore.

Sub-folder support is coming as well as a chat function... chatting and sharing files makes sense ; )

AmiCloud basic is available in the indieGO!-Appstore or on

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