AEROS for Raspberry Pi3 is available now for registered users

Date 13-Mar-2016 11:46:40
Topic: News

AEROS is now compatible with the Raspberry Pi3.
Registered users can grab it from .
Backers of the the indieGO! console will get access to it this weekend.

Changes in AEROS 4.0 for Pi1 - Pi2 and Pi3 (i386 apps will work only on Pi2 and Pi3) :
Updated to Debian 8.0
Updated Exagear to version 1.4.1 which takes less RAM and is much faster
Boots in under 4 seconds on a Pi2 (measured with a Class10 transcend card)
AmiCloud beta 5
Updated indieGO!-Appstore
Updated Spotify
Ubuntu 14.04 is used for i386 compatibility
UAE4ARM with JIT (can be found under extras/classic

A guide can be found here:

The last version for Pi1/Pi2 has been released to the public on

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