Dir Me Up 2.70 released for AmigaOS 4.1

Date 20-Mar-2016 17:41:24
Topic: software OS4

Dir Me Up 2.70, the modern Amiga explorer, has been released for AmigaOS 4.1 computers.

Dir Me Up, a software to explore and manipulate files, links and drawers of your Amiga.

What's new in 2.70
- Copy / Optimization for a cut/paste operation if made on the same volume.
- Copy / The accuracy of the overall progress bar has been improved, particularly noticeable when copying a drawer.
- Copy / The available space is checked on the destination. If there is not enough space, a warning requester is displayed (ability to copy all that can be).
- Copy / Drag&drop from the Workbench now also uses the overall progress bar.
- Copy / The end notification now specifies if it's a copy or a move operation.
- Copy / Free space is updated for the affected volumes after a copy or move.
- Deletion / The available space on a volume is updated after deletion.
- Miscellaneous / It now displays the available memory for RAM: volume.
- Translation / Spanish, Italian and German translations completed.
- Compilation with the latest public available SDK (53.30).
- Prefs / .pb extension (PureBasic) added as source.
- Prefs / .tiff extension added as image.
- ...

As usual, this update is free for all registered users and has been sent to them. Don't forget to add our e-mail in your adress book to avoid the SPAM filter.

A tutorial is available online in English or Greek.

More details on our website.

You can download a demo allowing (only) browsing
here or there.

Dir Me Up, improve your Amiga!

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