Odyssey Web Browser 1.25 Released

Date 2-Apr-2016 20:18:57
Topic: software AROS

Odyssey 1.25 for AROS is now available for download from http://download.aros3d.org/releases/owb-1.25.i386-aros.zip

Top features of this release are:
- Updated to WebKit r187682 (July 2015). (AROS)
- Ported Odyssey directly on top of WebKit repository. (Common)
- Enable HTML5 video feature. (AROS)

This version of Odyssey requires Icaros 2.1 or newer to work correctly.

Other updates:
- Bookmarks management panel has been made functional (needs updated MUI components). (AROS)
- Cookies management panel has been made functional (needs updated MUI components). (AROS)
- Fixed "second download crash". (AROS)
- Updated to ffmpeg 2.6.2. (AROS)
- Fixed problem with Odyssey not remembering window width after closing. (AROS)
- Fixed problem with pressing enter not being handled in search window. (AROS)
- Added a "graceful exit" option on crash of Odyssey allowing to close the application and free memory. (AROS)
- It is possible to disable JavaScript Just-in-Time compiler using NO_JSC_JIT tooltype. (Common)
- WebKit codes revision is now presented in AboutBox. (Common)
- Browser spoofing agents are updated for Firefox and Chrome. (Common)
- Added option to disable/enable MP4 support (enabled by default). (Common)
- Fixed crash when closing bookmarks panel (needs updated MUI components). (AROS)
- Double-clicking on bookmarks opens it in current tab. (AROS)
- Fixed list-related code that was trashing memory. (AROS)
- Lists (download, mime settings, history) now have a scroll bar (needs updated MUI components). (AROS)
- Fixed "division by zero" error in Quick Links handling (Common)
- Synchronized display of checkboxes and radioboxes (Common)
- Updated Russian and Italian catalog (Common)
- Provided HTML documentation (Common)
- Messages console is enabled (AROS)
- Fixed continuous allocations of memory when browsing (Common)
- Made memory freeing more aggressive (Common)
- Enabled disk cache by default (Common)
- Fixed setting proxy users/password (Common)
- Fixed cookie handling on numerous sites (Common)

The source codes are available on GitHub: https://github.com/deadwood-pl/OdysseyWebBrowser
If you are interested in joining the project and improving Odyssey, please contact me.

If you would like the software and would like to support it, please consider donating:
- via PayPal to deadwood@onet.pl or
- to any of the bounties hosted on Power2People.org

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