Letting The World Know

Date 20-Nov-2002 20:19:26
Topic: Announcement

The three main companies involved in the Amiga revival (Bill McEwen and the team at Amiga, Ben Hermans of Hyperion and Alan Redhouse of Eyetech) have released a joint statement outlining future plans for the world to see.

Whereas most of the other news press releases have been aimed at us existing users, Amiga Inc have decided now is the time to "let the world know".

One important piece of information listed there is:

"The first of these shows will be the official launch of the AmigaOne and AmigaOS4.0, to occur at the CeBit show in Germany in March (and before anyone asks, this does not mean this is the release date for AmigaOS4.0, it means that CeBit will be the public launch of it). With the huge exposure and attendance that CeBit brings in, and being in Germany, one of the spiritual homes of the Amiga, we think this an appropriate and exciting venue"

So we can expect complete AmigaOne/AOS4 systems to be available by March 2003.

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