New open source hardware from OnyxSoft

Date 27-Apr-2016 12:09:08
Topic: News

OnyxSoft releases open source hardware =)


This adapter was created because we missed to be able to control my old games in emulators
with a real controller (Joysticks), just as they where inteded to be played =)
This adapter is created as a HID that doesn't requires any specific drivers (thanks to V-USB which is used).
That means that you just need to plug it in, configure your emulator to use the HID-device and start playing!

One other nifty thing we added to it (also from V-USB package) is that this unit contains a special bootloader
which enables the user to update/replace the firmware without having a special programmer, only a USB-port and
use a software called HIDBootFlash (read more about this procedure below).

Having this bootloader enabled means that one can change the firmware to it's own needs.
We plan to add firmware for other input devices (like Amiga and Atari mices etc.)

The archive contains source code (firmware and bootloader), Schematics, BOM and EAGLE-files.

We also shared the PCB-layout (if someone want to build it themself) at OSH Park :

ps. we can create adapters for anyone who cannot make it themselfs ofcourse (for a small sum) but consider the first batch
of 20 units went of to users within one day we need to organize it a little and therefor there can be a little wait until
a bigger new batch to be ready. but if you want one, declare your interest at following email :

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