Next SCCAN meeting - Saturday, May 14

Date 10-May-2016 0:35:55
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Happy Mother's Day, C= and Ami comrades!

The next meeting of the Southern California Commodore & Amiga Network is Saturday, March 14, from 2 to 4+ p.m. at

Panera Bread Restaurant
19662 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, California
(818) 407-9400

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This month we'll look at an Amiga 500 with the late v8 motherboard and 2 megs of Chip RAM. Also clear the decks! I'll need lots of table space for an Amiga 2000 with Video Toaster running v4.3 software, a '040 Progressive Peripherals & Peripherals accelerator with 4.5 megs of RAM, a GVP HC+8 RAM board with 8 megs, a Commodore 2065 Ethernet board, and more.

In the 8-bit area, we'll look at a Ray Carlsen-modded VIC-20 which has been hacked to provide S-video. We'll also have the usual C128, SX-64 and Plus/4 units with various programs.

Speaking of video, we'll examine a composite/s-video-to-HDMI converter that was used at the Commodore Vegas Expo last year. Who wants to bring a small HDMI monitor? :)

We'll view another part of newly-released video documentary, "Growing the 8-Bit Generation".

Bring anything else you wish to share!

Robert Bernardo

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