Preferences 1.30 released (AOS4)

Date 30-May-2016 19:40:35
Topic: software OS4

Preferences is program that shows a window with grouped icons for launching the prefs-programs found in "SYS:Prefs/", among others. You may see the snapshot(s) for examples how it looks.


- Groups the AOS4.1 default Prefs-programs into six main categories.
- Uses the same images as the current icons set.
- Supports localization.
- Supports Console prefs in AOS 4.1 FE.
- Supports MUI prefs.
- Supports Granite, AOS4 firewall.
- Possible to open the "Presets" WB drawer.
- Possible to open the "Prefs" WB drawer.
- Possible to open the "ENVARC:" WB drawer.
- Amiga HELP key (Scroll-Lock) brings up the About window.
- Tooltypes.


1.30: (2016 May)
NOTE: Sorry that 3rd-party-program feature and Greek translation are not included in this update. They were meant to be but because they need some more time as they are not 100% finished yet (roughly 50%-80 done already) and I wanted to get this update out the door sometime as this update has dragged out quite too many nights programming time already and I need to move on to other programming tasks in the meanwhile. And I don't like leaving users to wait for too long on finished features. However, the plan is to get them both included in the next update :)
- Implemented (optional) addition of MUI prefs into the Personal-group, you can turn this off by setting the Tooltype: MUIinPersonal = NO .
- Implemented (optional) addition of Granite prefs into the Internet-group, you can turn this off by setting the Tooltype: GraniteInInternet = NO .
- Implemented (optional) shadow to icons. (You can turn it off by setting the Tooltype: IconShadows = NO)
- Implemented (a customizable) first string in the window title. (To set this use the Tooltype: CustomTitle = FirstTitleString)
- Added transations, Dutch by Johan Banis, German by Thomas Blatt, Spanish by Enrique Mecklenburg and British-English checked by Severin. NOTE: Greek translation will be included in the next release (hopefully).
- Implemented ToopTypes for background, foreground and group title colors.
- Corrected all "Env-Archive" paths to "ENVARC", thanks Severin.
- Swapped "Prefs/" and "ENVARC:" icons, so they become alphabetic.
- Declared application information. (title, authors, $VER: and $EXTVER: string versions, identifier, copyright, and description).
- A couple of other optimizations.

1.20: (2015 Nov)
- Startup icon drawing optimized, approximatively 5%-15% faster now.
- Added a different button state when clicking buttons/icons, suggested by Guillaume (zzd10h) Boesel.
- Added ENVARC: button/icon, suggested by Guillaume (zzd10h) Boesel.
- Added a new default program icon, (the old renamed as alt icon, in case someone still prefers to use that icon).
- Added a menu with two items, About and Quit, for easier access. And also for showing theirs hotkey.
- Now compiled to HW applet as well, suggested by Severin.
- Included French locale by Guillaume (zzd10h) Boesel.
- Retweaked the layout in the About window to fit more info.
- Removed Install and Uninstall scripts, as they are not actually needed. (User may just copy "Preferences" and "" to where they like.

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Snapshots of version 1.30:

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