AmiModRadio v0.991 with social-media feature!

Date 10-Jun-2016 20:09:56
Topic: News

Dear all!

I am happy to announce the release of AmiModRadio v0.991 (here, here, or here) .

In addition to fixing some bugs and to some refactorings, this version adds a long-awaited social-media feature . It is now possible to rate modules from 1 to 5 (1 lowest, 5 highest). When playing modules, if the community has rated them, the community's rates are displayed. If the user also has rated them (based on her IP address), the user's rates are also displayed!

The rates are stored by IP addresses along number of votes (nothing more, nothing less) on an Amiga server! Yes, only Amiga makes it possible .

As usual, any comments/questions/bug reports are welcome!

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