The July 30-31 Commodore Vegas Expo is go!

Date 15-Jun-2016 8:15:44
Topic: Events

The final payment for the ballroom has been made. Guests, such as CBM engineer Bill Seiler and hardware developer Jim Drew, are getting ready to attend. Hardware and software is being gathered. Presentations are being prepped. The Commodore Vegas Expo, a.k.a. CommVEx, is fast approaching.

Join us for the 12th annual CommVEx on July 30-31 at the Plaza Hotel, third floor ballroom, 1 Main Street, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.. For more information, go to

For CommVEx discussion, go to

Celebrate the 40th anniversary of the KIM-1! Celebrate the 35th anniversary of the VIC-20! Celebrate all that is Commodore and Amiga!

Come to CommVEx!
Robert Bernardo
organizer - Commodore Vegas Expo

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