AmiCloud price drop, AEROS4free and new rewards for subscribers

Date 25-Jun-2016 16:29:10
Topic: News

I am glad to announce a price drop for AmiCoud clients in the indieGO!- Appstore.
You can grab it for 500 indiecoins (5,50). The old price was 1000indiecoins.

Coins can be bought at (500, 1000, 1500coins via email and 1500 on a scratch off card)

If you like to buy any amount between 300 and unlimited you can use the page:

Attention! You will get a invoice via email. This email invoice is in german and you can click on the bottom right button to pay via paypal.

-> This is the reason why the page says "targeted at german users".
In a couple of weeks the invoices should be translated based on the email address you use.

Alternatively you can buy bundles of 3 clients at and pay with wire transfer.

Even AEROS Plus / Premium user can request a free voucher for the ARM Version of AmiCloud!

Everyone who has bought AmiCloud for any platform can request access to AEROS Plus.

The subsection reward have been updated.
You can now also choose Projekt: Lila on CDROM (limited stock)
Also you get now access to AEROS Plus form month 1 if you choose the 5/month subscription.

All single core users please enable the "mono core friendly mode" to keep your system responsive in AmiCloud settings.

We habe finished the chat-API on our server and will include it in the next releases.

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