Broadway 1.0 preview 6 ready for download

Date 9-Jul-2016 0:58:48
Topic: Software News

Broadway is a distribution of AROS started late 2009 for i386 PC's. The goal has been to provide a simple and minimalist but stable introduction to what AROS has to offer and adding modern elements like AMC (media center), AmiCloud (cloud storage service) and the indieGO! Appstore (hosts commercial and free software, mags and music).

The current version is 1.0 preview 6 which is available now at

The "preview" tag means that it is not meant for daily use (while you may still be happy) as it is more intended to be a test platform for the ongoing development of distributions components (read as in-house software).

New in preview 6:
New licensed wallpaper (your virtual vacation to greece ; ) )
All new designed starter menu with the following features:
- supports now drag and drop !!
- supports themes (press F2 for options)
- features labels such as Filesystem usage / date and time

Still missing before we call it 1.0: indieChat and the feedback tool (to come a step further we will add the packet-manager system to the 2.0 series.

Every preview release so far has introduced a new in-house software or key element.
Just to name a few:
1. AMC
2. indieGO! Appstore
3. AmiWallet
4. AmiCloud
5. VAN Vector animation player
6. VAN builder
7. Activation tool (will be later used as One-key activation for supporters)
8. Broadway68k (68k version included with JanusUAE)
9. Reworked starter with drag&drop support
10. Something boring like a less sexy wallpaper : )

If you are looking for a daily dose of AROS you should use IcAROS desktop for now. If you have fun with testing feel free to try it out and give some feedback. With a bit of luck we can add your suggestions to the final 1.0.

The starter(dock) layout (default menus, default apps) is not final and will change in the next release.

Known regressions:
Cinnamon Writer doesn't start from dock
Old/outdated splash-screens or OWB
DS_Store icons here and there from OSX
Some missing .info files for some drawers
Dosen't fit on a CD-R (yet) because all files are uncompressed -> 870MB (download archive size: 285.6MB)

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