ChaosLord dies in his final battle...

Date 10-Jul-2016 16:33:26
Topic: Announcement

Hello everyone. I have some sad news to share.

I found out a few days ago that a friend I met online, James Conwell, passed away on July 1st.

James went by the handle ChaosLord and is credited for being best known for his TotalChaos game on the Amiga and his creation of the JC programming language, James C, that was his own macro set to make C easier to work with.

James suffered from the condition of RSD for eight years and in that time still worked hard with his team on his TotalChaos game with a view to expanding it to other computer platforms.

Well, James, you no longer have to deal with your own chaos within. I thank you for being part of the Amiga community and for becoming part of my life.


TotalChaos game in action:

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