Projekt Lila has landed

Date 22-Jul-2016 11:53:44
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Our 8Bit NES styled Amiga Run&Gun "Projekt Lila" is now underway to everyone who has pre-ordered it and to Vesalia and Alinea Computer.

The game has been created by Amiworx and the soundtrack come from Blue Metal Rose and has been recreated as Amiga MOD's including vocals. (the MOD-files are in the Bonus drawer, as well as some bonus graphics)

The disk contains in total 3 versions of the Game:
1. 020/2MB Version for CD32 and other 020 Amigas (different Intro, alternative Soundtrack)
2. 030/4MB Full Blue Metal Rose Soundtrack
3. 030/4MB Hardcore mode (if the original game is not hard enough - basically the unchanged original Beta)

As a small thank you for your patience (it was planned to send it out in June), every pre-order package will contain a indieCoin card(5) for the indieGO!- Appstore which can be used to buy perhaps G.E.M.Z : ) or AmiCloud or something else.

Besides this every package includes a small label counting the number of the disc and
your individual download code for the indieGO! Appstore.
With this code you can download the latest ISO, containing all available Versions.

The game will be printed only once and as long the CD-ROM version isn't sold out, the download will cost as much as the CD-ROM.

Please order your CD-ROM from your favorite Amiga dealer to support them as well.

To get some impression about the game you can watch a shaky cam trailer (recorded while testing) at youtube: Youtube

Thank you to all our supporters!

The game will get a website as soon I find time to do done : )
In the moment I would suggest to check out the Facebook page for updates:

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