A-EON acquires exclusive RadeonHD ownership

Date 30-Jul-2016 17:24:28
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A-EON acquires exclusive RadeonHD ownership
Underlining our commitment to supporting AmigaOS graphics development

Cardiff 28th July, 2016

A-EON Technology Ltd is pleased to announce that is has acquired exclusive ownership of the RadeonHD source and binary code for AmigaOS 4.x. The agreement with developer Hans de Ruiter transfers all existing and future RadeonHD intellectual property rights to A-EON Technology and underscores our commitment to supporting AmigaOS graphics drivers for our AmigaOne systems and compatible hardware.

Over the past 5 years we have funded the continuous development and improvement of the RadeonHD driver under an exclusive licensing and distribution agreement with Hans de Ruiter. During this period, numerous updates have been released and the latest versions of the driver support a wide range of RadeonHD and Radeon Rx graphics cards.

Most recently the RadeonHD driver has become an integral part of the ever growing Enhancer Software distribution for AmigaOS4 platform.

The main features of the RadeonHD driver includes:

* Support for a wide range of RadeonHD graphics cards from the RadeonHD 2xxx-7xxx series through to more recent Rx series
* Provides 2D graphics acceleration, including compositing for allsupported graphics cards under AmigaOS 4.1
* Supports output via VGA, DVI & HDMI
* It's 3D ready and provides access to the GPU for the development of 3D drivers through Warp3D SI and Warp3D Nova
* Support for AmigaOne AmigaOS next-generation machines and compatible models.

We asked Hans de Ruiter for his comments on the RadeonHD technology transfer. He said: "A-EON have already been funding continued development of the RadeonHD driver, so giving them complete ownership was the logical next step. Ownership gives them complete freedom to continue its development regardless of my involvement. I'm confident that its future is secure in their hands."

The acquisition of the RadeonHD rights, together with our ongoing work on Warp3D Nova and Warp3D-SI and our financial support for the complimentary development of OpenGLES2 underlines our ongoing commitment to supporting AmigaOS graphics development.

Specifications & Requirements*

Support for most graphics cards in the RadeonHD & RX series including:-

* R520 (X1300-X1950 series)
* R700 (HD4000 series)
* Evergreen (HD5000 series)
* Northern Islands (HD6000 series)
* Southern Islands (HD7000 series)
* Radeon R5 230/235/235x
* Radeon R7 250x/265 series
* Radeon R9 270/270x/280/280x

*AmigaOS 4.1 FE or newer recommended

A-EON Technology Ltd

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