TuneNet updated to version 2.4

Date 10-Aug-2016 22:04:59
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TuneNet, the music player for AmigaOS4, was acquired by A-EON Technology Ltd in 2015. Since then, it has been under regular development by the AmigaDeveloper.com Team.

The first new release was delivered in May 2016 with the Enhancer Software v1.0 release.

Subsequently, internal development on TuneNet has continued by team members Andy Broad and Guillaume Boesel.

Andy has fixed some bugs, restructured code and introduced two new important features to TuneNet which have been requested by users:

* Arexx port support

A wide range of Arexx commands are now recognised by TuneNet (see here for more info). Useful for controlling TuneNet from other applications or assigning Function/special keys to control music playback.

* Localisation language support

TuneNet originally had no provision for any other language apart from English. Andy had the long and mundane task of localising the application. As a result of language support being added to TuneNet, catalogs have been written for Danish (by Niels Bache), French (by Philippe Ferrucci), German (by Thomas Blatt), Greek (by George Sokianos), Italian (by Samir Hawamdeh). We are looking for more help with other languages, please get in contact if you want to volunteer.

Guillaume has been working on TuneNet's User Interface and updating it to Enhancer Software standards.

The TuneNet enhancements have been truly a team effort and A-EON Technology would like to thank the developers, beta testers and translators for their wonderful help.

The update will be made available to Enhancer Software users free of charge later this month.

The Enhancer Software can be obtained as a download from AMIStore App Store or as a boxed product from selected dealers.

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