AEROS , AmiCloud Pro and EmuLA subscription

Date 18-Aug-2016 1:26:22
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As you may know you can subscribe to AmiCloud Pro and or AEROS Plus.
You can do so via PayPal or Stripe.

You can become an AEROS Patron starting at 1/month.
As a Patron you get eary Access to AEROS Plus for all supported platforms and AmiCloud for ARM Linux for free. (normally 5).

If you choose the AmiCloud subscription or becoming a Parton of AEROS with 5/month, you will get:
Ealy Access to AEROS Plus, AmiCloud Pro (25GB instead of 5) and the EmuLA
lifetime sibscription. If you cancel the subscription before the 3rd payment, the EmuLA key will be deactivated. AmiCloud Pro will become Basic but you can keep all Clients for all supported operating Systems. (normally 5 each)

If you choose a subscription of 5 or more you qualify also for the Hardware and Software Bonus plan:

Subcription goodies (PDF)

The subscription goodies are a good way to keep a unified userbase. If we move to a new device, you can get it for free or at a highly reduced Price based on your subscription.

I have written a simple guide with some Basic info about AmiCloud:

Besides this, every Patron (starting at 1) or subcriber will get the VIP Status on This means:
- 3% Discount on everyhing
- Special Prices for Software and Hardware
(Example is the game reshoot which costs normally 36+shipping and for VIP's 32 incl. shipping)

Step by step we plan to introduce a flat model where all software will be free for subscribers.
Subscricers will get for example free virtual machines via AmiCloud.

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