Ringhio Notifications Updated To Version 53.60

Date 18-Aug-2016 1:27:14
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Ringhio, the notifications system for AmigaOS4, was acquired by A-EON Technology Ltd in 2015. Development had stalled at the time, with the last public update of version 53.22 dated in 2011. Since coming under the A-EON umbrella of software, it has been under regular development by the AmigaDeveloper.com Team with many bugs fixed and feature enhancements added.

The first new public release was delivered in May 2016 with the Enhancer Software v1.0 release, adding sound support, colour wheel, InfoWindow Class support and Final Edition features such as New Menu.

Subsequently, internal development over the last few months on Ringhio Notifications has continued by team members Andy Broad, Daniel Jedlicka and Guillaume Boesel, Rene Olsen and most recently Massimiliano Tretene (Max).

The latest version 53.60 has just added a notable feature of Progress Bar Gadget Class support inside the Notification pop-up "bubble". With this, an animated progress bar can be displayed in the corner of the screen so the user can monitor progress of a file download for example or another lengthy task running in the background.

It is hoped that this latest feature will be quickly adopted for use in AmigaOS applications by developers.

It can already be controlled by Ringhio's Arexx port with some new commands added.

A-EON Technology would like to thank the developers for their hard work on updating Ringhio Notifications over the last year and we are looking forward to adding more features in the near future as a commitment to improving the quality of software provided in the Enhancer Software.

The update will be made available to Enhancer Software users free of charge later this month.

The Enhancer Software can be obtained as a download from AMIStore App Store or as a boxed product from selected dealers.

Arexx example:

DO loop=15 to 101 by 5
address RINGHIO
'RINGHIO APP=TESTRINGHIO NOLOG PERCENTAGE=' loop /* just update the progressbar gadget */

address command
wait 1

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