Enhancer Software v1.1 Released

Date 31-Aug-2016 0:33:19
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Enhancer Software Pack - Version 1.1 Update
Major upgrade with new content & free for registered users

Cardiff August 31st, 2016

A-EON Technology Ltd is pleased to announce a major update to the Enhancer Software for AmigaOS 4.1 systems. The Enhancer Software version 1.1 upgrade demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the AmigaOS platform and is available as a free download from AMIStore for existing registered users. New customers can either purchase a digital download from AMIStore or a buy a boxed CD from selected Amiga dealers.

The original Enhancer Software package was met with positive acclaim when it was released earlier this year. The v1.1 update is the culmination of four months hard work by the dedicated AmigaDeveloper.com team who have added a whole host of new function-ality and features.

Applications & utilities
Apart from significant updates to key software utilities such as MultiViewer v2.6, MultiEdit v1.3, AmiPDF v1.34, X-Dock v0.35 and TuneNet v2.4 there are new additions such as the ‘themeable’ Clock utility (v53.7) with a wide selection of ‘skins’ included.

RadeonHD driver update
The RadeonHD driver has once again been updated. The new versions, v2.18 (Plus Edition) and v1.17 (Standard Edition), includes several maintenance updates and increased compatibility for additional graphics card firmware support.

Warp3D Nova, the Shader based 3D graphics system, has been significantly updated and v1.29 now supports MipMapping, Stencil buffering and many other new functions. It is complemented by the much awaited premiere of the OpenGL ES 2.0 library on AmigaOS.

New datatypes & features
The new Sound Datatype, which includes MOD, MPEGA and WAV, is a significant improvement over earlier versions. It now supports multi channel 16-bit/32-bit/64-bit (floating point) streaming with internal support for up to 19 named channels. Apart from adding full MultiViewer support, we have been working closely with third party application developers to ensure that the new datatypes deliver the added functionality they require for their own software titles. The Ringhio Notifications server has been under continuous development since the last Enhancer Software release. The latest version (53.60) adds the possibility of a ‘Progress Bar’ support inside the notification “bubble” pop-up.

Future proofing
With one eye to the future, the building blocks of applications, ReAction compatible gadgets and classes have been extended and many of the main programs have been converted to use the new gadgets. The new Clock app is based on the new flexible and powerful clock.gadget

The Enhancer Software package would not have been possible without the excellent work and contribution of AmigaDeveloper.com team. A-EON Technology would like to sincerely thank the growing team of developers, beta testers and translators for their invaluable work over the last few months. It is very encouraging that so many Amigans are willing to give their time to help contribute to a major AmigaOS project in 2016.

Link: wiki.amiga.org/enhancersoftware

The components of the Enhancer Software V1.1 sections are:

1. Datatypes:

MPEGA Datatype - used by MultiViewer
MOD Datatype - used by MultiViewer
SimpleHTML Datatype - used by MultiViewer
Sound Datatype - used by MultiViewer
WAV Datatype - used by MultiViewer

2. Gadgets and Classes:

Clock Gadget Class - used by Clock
InfoWindow Class - used by ClipViewer, Exchanger, MultiViewer, MultiEdit, X-Dock
OptionButton Gadget Class
PieChart Gadget Class - used by Format
ProgressBar Gadget Class - used by NotificationServer, TuneNet and X-Dock
Shared Image Class - required by ClipViewer and MultiViewer
TickBox Gadget Class - required by Clock, Format, Notifications Preferences, TuneNet and X-Dock

3. Utilities:

CANDI and CANDI Preferences ¹
MultiEdit ¹
MultiViewer ¹

4. Commodities:

ClipViewer ¹
Exchanger ¹

5. System:

NotificationServer and Notifications Preferences

6. Libraries

OpenGL ES 2.0
Warp3D Nova

7. Kickstart:

Diskcache Library
RadeonHD v2
SmartFileSystem 2

8. CLI Commands and Tools:


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