AEROS for Odroid U2/U3 and Berryboot image for Pi

Date 6-Sep-2016 9:55:19
Topic: News

Due to the many requests for a multi boot compatible AEROS image for Raspberry I have uploaded the latest Version to the registered user page and the indieGO! apptstore.

Ferryboat allows to install multiple Operating system on one SD-Card.
Just place the image on an USB-drive and let Berryboot do the rest.

I have also uploaded the latest Odroid U2 / U3 version to the registered user page.
The XU3/XU4 will follow..

The next AEROS version for Pi will contain fixes, updates Amiga Emulation and EmuLA (demo, AEROS patrons or AmiCloud subscribers get a keyfile for it via email)
This version should be ready on 10th of September.

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