Projekt Lila Remastered coming to town

Date 14-Sep-2016 22:27:05
Topic: Announcement

This week we will start printing the Remastered CD-ROM's.
If you have bought Projekt Lila from Vesalia or Alinea, please use the printed email address to contact me.
The shipping will be free.

The new Version:
- fixes compatibility with CD32 (the last CD didn't boot on all consoles)
- Adds a small Intro animation in CDXL format (Thanks to Erik Hogan)
- New world selection screen where you will get back when you finished a world
- replaced a tool which didn't work on 68000 so the game should work now also on Minimig

Besides the new CD-ROM you will also get a small Booklet with some Info about the game and follow up titles which are in the works.

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